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Little Bedtime Journey Charles Ward

"Little Bedtime Journey" was created thirty years ago for our children when they were babies, to empower them to believe that they could become any and everything that they dreamed of in life's beautiful journey.

Our oldest son, Charlie Ward always wanted to work in the move industry. He received his Masters Degree from the American Film Institute/AFI, worked for Ben Stiller for five years, and now works for Paramount Studios. He has credits in multiple block buster movies.

Our younger son, Adam William Ward always wanted to be and actor. He has expanded his talents to include script writing and film direction. He is successfully following his dreams and is about to release his first full length movie.

Our daughter, Zsuzanna Eva Ward, better known as ZZWard is flourshing. ZZ always dreamed of becoming a professional recording artist. She is now signed to Boardwalk Entertainment and Hollywood Records. 

All of our children had a clear vision of what their passions were from a very young age. They stayed focused and have made their dreams come true. "Little Bedtime Journey" was created as an instrument that our children could pick up and read at any time. It has been such an empowering asset in raising our children that we now want to share it with the world.

Charles J. Ward Jr. is an American artist, author, and musical composer. He completed his graduate studies at Temple University in Philadelphia receiving his Terminal Masters Degree and graduating Summa Cum Laude. He applied his knowledge in the disciplines of Art and Occupational Therapies. In the psychiatric milieu, he developed treatment plans for adolescents utilizing New Age concepts, specifically audio and visual guided imagery. In later years, he became a stay-at home dad applying his artistic skills and psychiatric knowledge in developing the dreams and passions of his three children. His youngest child is the Hollywood recording artist, ZZWard.
Charles J. Ward